10 Things To Know About Painting Parties

By December 21, 2018 No Comments

By now you must have many pictures like this on social media. When I started GroupArtCircle 3 years back, there weren’t many (or any) painting parties happening in Pune. And today painting parties are a rage in Pune and Mumbai. Many people are responding positively to this fairly new activity which includes painting and partying.

So what is a Painting Party?

1. It Is Not A Painting Class

Let’s start by saying what it’s not. It’s definitely not a painting class. You come here to have fun, chill out with a drink, mingle and socialize with like-minded people, and also end up creating a gorgeous masterpiece that you could have never imagined! No judgment. No pressure.

2. You Don’t Need To Be An Artist

Are you scared of making a fool out of yourself? Don’t worry. 99% of the participants are non-painters. You can participate in a painting party, with absolutely no prior painting experience. And you’ll be surprised at the end of 2 hours.

3. Everything Is Provided – Including A Drink

One of the most common questions I get every week is – do I need to carry anything? And my response goes – Yes, a lot of smile  You literally just need to bring yourself, may be a friend or 2, and we provide all that is required to create your masterpiece – canvas, colors, brushes etc

4. Step-By-Step Instructions

Every painting looks complicated in GroupArtCircle, unless you have done it once. Don’t be afraid to participate if you feel a painting looks difficult. Our talented instructors know how to break down a complicated painting into simple steps and guide you throughout the process.

5. The Painting Is Pre-Decided

In GroupArtCircle, the paintings are pre-decided and put up in the calendar in advance for you to choose. The step-by-step instructions are given for the pre-decided painting; however you are welcome to create your own design.

6. Sip A Drink, Relax And Follow Your Instructor

As the name suggests, it’s a party. And how can you party without a drink  Now this doesn’t necessarily mean alcohol. You can have a cup of tea/coffee, or a mocktail or even a beer/wine, depending on the venue. Chit-chat along with your co-painter, learn about them and make new friends! But don’t forget to lend one of the ears to your instructor, or you may miss out on some useful instruction of detailing.

7. Anybody Can Paint

That’s right. If you can write your name, you can paint too. It’s a mind block to think you can’t paint. And if you have that block, you should definitely come for one of our painting parties!

8. Painting Parties Are Done In Your Local Pubs/Cafes/Restaurants

Painting parties are usually done in a local cafe or restaurant, where you usually hang out during the weekends. But this time with an arty edge. Art can be intimidating. So we do it in a place that you are familiar with, and can relax.

9. Take Home Your Masterpiece

That’s the best part. At the end of a 2-hour session, you’ve your masterpiece to take home and add to your home decor. Make your friends and family wonder, how you did that. And that’s not it. Inspire your friends to get into art too!

10. And Finally, Photographs To Show Off  Your Newly Acquired Skills