Painting Parties

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Find your inner artist in a fun way as you socialize and party with others you meet at the Painting parties. The Uber cool fun new way Pune people are partying and painting together. If you have never ever painted in life then you should definitely join us all in the next painting party!

How Does It Work?

No experience in drawing or painting needed. Socializing over art and have fun!

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Book a spot for any of the upcoming painting parties.


No need to bring any material. All painting supplies are provided.


Experts help you take all baby steps needed to re-create the painting.


While you paint along with others, you can party and socialize as well.


Experience the high of creating an artwork in a flash


Take home your Masterpiece.

Upcoming Parties

Lady in Red Group Art Circle Painting party pune india

Lady in Red – Knife Paint Party

  • Jan 26 (sat), 3:30 – 5:30 pm: Tien, SB Road
  • Jan 26 (sat), 3:30 – 5:30pm: Tales & Spirits, Balewadi
  • Jan 27 (sun), 2 – 4 pm: MyFroyoland, KP, Lane 6
  • Jan 27 (sun), 3 – 5 pm: Hippie at Heart, Deccan
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Juliet’s Singlehood – Knife Paint Party

  • Feb 2 (sat), 3:30 – 5:30 pm: Tales & Spirits, SB Road
  • Feb 2 (sat), 3:30 – 5:30pm: Tales & Spirits, Balewadi
  • Feb 3 (sun), 2 – 4 pm: Fly, KP, Lane B
  • Feb 3 (sun), 3 – 5 pm: Hippie at Heart, Deccan
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Juliet’s Balcony – Knife Paint Party

  • Feb 9 (sat), 2 – 4 pm: Independence Brewery, Balewadi
  • Feb 9 (sat), 3 – 5pm: Independence Brewery, Mundhwa
  • Feb 10 (sun), 2 – 4 pm: Hands On, KP, Lane 6
  • Feb 10 (sun), 3 – 5 pm: Hippie at Heart, Deccan
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Romeo Juliet Dance

  • Feb 16 (sat), 3:30 – 5:30 pm: Tien, SB Road
  • Feb 16 (sat), 3:30 – 5:30pm: MyFroyoland, Balewadi
  • Feb 17 (sun), 2 – 4 pm: Fly, KP, Lane B
  • Feb 17 (sun), 3 – 5 pm: Hippie at Heart, Deccan
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Romeo Juliet Honeymoon

  • Feb 23 (sat), 2 – 4 pm: Independence Brewery, Balewadi
  • Feb 23 (sat), 3 – 5pm: MyFroyoland, Mundhwa
  • Feb 24 (sun), 2 – 4 pm: Hands On, KP, Lane 6
  • Feb 24 (sun), 3 – 5 pm: Hippie at Heart, Deccan
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Public Parties

Open for all

Kids Parties

Exclusively for Kids

Private Parties

Mostly Kitty parties / Birthdays

Corporate Parties

Team building parties

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Why We’re India’s Best Painting Parties?

An exceptionally unique experience tailored for you

Help To Take Baby Steps

Love painting but think it’s beyond your level of capability? We will help you break it down into simple & easy steps. With one baby step…

Challenge Your Talent

If you always thought you are not good in painting, we challenge you to join one of our painting parties. You will be surprised at your…

One-Stop Art Guide

Which color to buy? Which canvas to buy? Is varnish coat mandatory? Where can I exhibit my artwork? Where can i buy art supplies? If you…

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Can you drink while holding your paintbrush? If yes, then this is the meetup for you. GroupArtCircle is a painting party to bring out the artist in you while you sip your favourite beverage and listen to some inspiring music. Our fabulous instructor will walk you through step by step process to create your own masterpiece to take home. Frame it, hang it, love it, coz you made it. Don't feel intimidated if you can't paint. This is fun art, not fine art. The instructor will ensure that your painting experience is fun and entertaining, and hopefully leave you with a new found talent you’ll want to explore!!! We look forward to meeting you!
Groupartcircle16 hours ago
Let's end the month of February by painting a romantic honeymoon destination that you would dream to visit. Gorgeous rugged slopes of the mountains at a distance, a calm and beautiful lake in the front that brings inner peace, decorated with green lands on either sides. Create an art that will make you delve inside it.

Register yourself and get a chance to create this painting, all on your own. Don't worry if you have painted in your life.. it will be a guided session and our talented instructor will give you steo-by-step instructions to create your masterpiece. Yes, anyone can join and paint with @groupartcircle

Sip your drink and paint as you socialize with others. You don’t need to be an artist or a creative genius to have fun at the painting party. So join us this weekend and experience the fun of painting with @Groupartcircle.

Age Group: 10+
Cost: ₹999 (11"x14" canvas board)



Feb 23 (sat), 2 - 4 pm: MyFroyoland, Balewadi
Feb 23 (sat), 3 - 5pm: Independence Brewery, Mundhwa
Feb 24 (sun), 2 - 4 pm: Hands On, KP, Lane 6
Feb 24 (sun), 3 - 5 pm: Hippie at Heart, Deccan

What do you get?

1. All the material required to make your masterpiece
2. An awesome masterpiece with your signature on it, that you can hang at home and proudly say "I did it"
3. A memorable painting
4. An instructor to guide you through the whole painting journey

WhatsApp 8380078981 for offline registrations and queries
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When the women pose! 💃
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When the men pose.... 🤘
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Some more beautiful paintings created today at #deccan

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Deb is a self-taught artist and learning from her passion towards art, she founded Group Art Circle in Feb, 2016.

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