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Find your inner artist in a fun way as you socialize and party with others you meet at the Painting parties. The Uber cool fun new way Pune people are partying and painting together. If you have never ever painted in life then you should definitely join us all in the next painting party!

How Does It Work?

No experience in drawing or painting needed. Socializing over art and have fun!

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Book a spot for any of the upcoming painting parties.


No need to bring any material. All painting supplies are provided.


Experts help you take all baby steps needed to re-create the painting.


While you paint along with others, you can party and socialize as well.


Experience the high of creating an artwork in a flash


Take home your Masterpiece.

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Mostly Kitty parties / Birthdays

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Team building parties

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Why We’re India’s Best Painting Parties?

An exceptionally unique experience tailored for you

Help To Take Baby Steps

Love painting but think it’s beyond your level of capability? We will help you break it down into simple & easy steps. With one baby step…

Challenge Your Talent

If you always thought you are not good in painting, we challenge you to join one of our painting parties. You will be surprised at your…

One-Stop Art Guide

Which color to buy? Which canvas to buy? Is varnish coat mandatory? Where can I exhibit my artwork? Where can i buy art supplies? If you…

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Can you drink while holding your paintbrush? If yes, then this is the meetup for you. GroupArtCircle is a painting party to bring out the artist in you while you sip your favourite beverage and listen to some inspiring music. Our fabulous instructor will walk you through step by step process to create your own masterpiece to take home. Frame it, hang it, love it, coz you made it. Don't feel intimidated if you can't paint. This is fun art, not fine art. The instructor will ensure that your painting experience is fun and entertaining, and hopefully leave you with a new found talent you’ll want to explore!!! We look forward to meeting you!
Groupartcircle3 days ago
How are you hanging in during these times of social distancing? As we are currently living through history, I am thinking of starting my next #paintingchallenge from tomorrow. This time I decided to do a #landscapechallenge to move through this time of #lockdown2020

So join me in if u have art supplies at home. You can paint on canvas board/ stretch canvas/ paper/postcard/sketchbook/diary - literally whatever you can get your hands on. The point is not making beautiful landscape, but in creating something for the next 15 days!

Post your paintings on Insta and use the hashtag #15daysoflandscape

Using this hashtag we will be able to see how many of us are participating in this challenge and what is everyone creating during this #quarantine time and inspire each other!

Tag your friends who might be interested in doing this #artchallenge
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We had such a good time last weekend creating these amazing beach trays with these lovely ladies 💕
Groupartcircle3 weeks ago
An amazing gathering of paint party today at the studio 💕
Groupartcircle3 weeks ago
Little snippet from today’s resin art tray painting! Creating beautiful wave effects by blowing technique!!
Groupartcircle3 weeks ago
What an awesome resin art paint party we had today... check out all the beautiful trays that got created!
Groupartcircle added 18 new photos — at F-Residences.3 weeks ago

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Deb is a self-taught artist and learning from her passion towards art, she founded Group Art Circle in Feb, 2016.

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